Do or Die App

iOS App for Razorfish

Showcasing Razorfish's Digital Innovation

While at Razorfish I worked with an Art Director to create an iPad app to highlight digital capabilities of the agency. The app was formatted as a digital book that promoted how innovative digital campaigns could outperform traditonal advertising.

We made this app with Adobe InDesign’s Digital Publishing Tools. It made for an easy workflow, bringing in editorial content from a remote copywriter and allowing the Art Director to move the design forward as I handled adding interactive features and deploying the app to devices for testing. I was able to use a lot of the Adobe DPS built-in functionality for things like slideshows and videos. For more custom features, such as specific social campaigns and associated feeds, I used web views, allowing me to link to live content, and also to embed folders containing custom HTML and JS functionality.

My Roles on the Project:
Production Design, Development, and
submission process to App Store.

Landing Screen
Nike Digital Story

Demo Video of App

This video shows a demo of the app working through various features.

Interactive Elements for Storytelling

I encoded videos and audio to accompany the stories. For these media pages I created a web view, that linked to an embeded HTML folder that contained the audio and video files that were being linked to. The Director of Creative Techonology helped me source and add the code for a play head to control the listening and viewing.

Video proved to be the easiest way to show the stories in context. It also was a format that was available for all the stories. The videos needed to be embeded in the app, so file size was crucial. I encoded all the videos in a format that would not burden the app with unnecessary file weight, nor sacrifice the perceivable quality of the videos.

VW Cover Page
Sample Video Feature

Production Design

I helped to layout the portrait orientation for all pages, and gathered the information needed to add interactive elements, such as URLs, Twitter feeds and video. I handled getting the build onto devices for management to review, and I made any required changes to the design and build.

Skillet Cover Page
Interactive Features

App Store Submission

The process for submitting the app was more complex than I had initially anticipated. Due to working with Adobe, and publishing through their Digital Publishing Suite, I needed to work with them first and submit through a process that they had established and after that follow the submission through the Apple App store to approval.

App in Apple App Store