Motion Design
& Creative Coding

Living Identities & Experiments

Living Identity for Circ

Circ is a premium photo service that delivers full size quality prints. This animation is intended to be flexible in length — so that it can be used for a set length of time as a video logo bumper, and also be flexible enough to extended throughout the product as a UI element. The concept of the shifting color gradient is intended to be a flexible length animation that could be used to match and mask the perceived load times.

Aecero Logo Bumper

Aecero is a data center — providing steady raliable data transmission is at the core of what they do. This goal of this logo bumper animation is to bring that concept to life, by highlighting the transmission of data within the concept of the existing logo mark.

Augmented Reality Concept

A personal project, exploring an AR concept. Coded in Processing, based on a tutorial by Amnon Owed.