Enterprise Software User Flow

Flow for First Use

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First Use Flow

While at Method, I worked as an Interaction Designer on a setup flow for Accellion's new Kiteworks product. For this project I worked with an Interaction Design Lead, a Visual Designer and a Project Manager. We facilitated a design workshop at Accellion to determine how they could help their customers with a simpler onboarding experience through their new Kiteworks product.

The company was already providing an enterprise level solution for secure file sharing and hosting for IT professionals, however; the setup of the product for first use with new clients was a pain point. The existing product needed a more clear flow, one that was designed to look and feel more like a customer experience than an amalgamation of legacy IT products. The goal was to create a simplified setup flow in the new Kiteworks product that eliminated barriers that new users faced with onboarding in the existing Accellion products.

Images from Design Workshop

Design Workshop

We worked on site with the team to determine goals for the product. We worked with several internal teams to align goals, and prioritize features and workflow. One key discovery in interviewing existing users was that they all had to contact support to navigate the intial set up of the product.

Images of Whiteboards from Design Workshop 1
Images of Whiteboards from Design Workshop 2
Images of Whiteboards from Design Workshop 3

Wireframes for Setup Flow

We worked with the team at Accellion to identify steps in the setup process, and to determine what technical aspects were necessary and which were just the convention of legacy products. We discussed and whiteboarded to see what made the most sense, and interviewed current users to get their perspectives on features that they valued and liked, or disliked in the current product.

I did the following wireframes for the setup flow of the Kiteworks system. These are the result of the design workshops with the internal team, user interviews, and two weeks of iterations on the features included in the flow.

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Visual Design

I worked with a visual designer, who took the set up flow wireframes and designed them to fit within the visual system of a larger rebrand that Kiteworks was setting out to do. I did not create the visual designs below — just including them to give a more complete perspective of the final work.

Visual Design Account Signin
Visual Design for Error Feedback
Visual Design for Activation State
Visual Design Pin Confirmation